Daily Business Review
June 15, 2022
“ Veteran Developers Secure $65M Loan for Construction of Luxury Miami Residences”
The Real Deal
June 15, 2022
“ Ugo Colombo’s CMC and Morabito land $65M construction loan for Bay Harbor condos”
South Florida Business Journal
June 15, 2022
“ CMC Group, Morabito secure $65M to complete luxury condo on Bay Harbor Islands”
South Florida Business Journal
March 02, 2022
“ Wynwood warehouse conversion to office space nears completion”
The Real Deal
March 16, 2021
“ I’ve always loved the city, but the most interesting parts aren’t in the center. They’re at the edges. The edges are where the city relaxes, where you find a sense of perspective.”
Miami Herald
March 15, 2021
“ Diminishing single-family home inventory and growing interest in Miami’s luxury condo market have sparked the next wave of development.”
The Real Deal
March 08, 2021
“ The building, designed by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica, will have more than 300 feet of bay frontage and a private marina with 16 slips.”
South Floria Business Journal
March 08, 2021
“ Colombo, Morabito launch sales of luxury Bay Harbor Islands condo.”
Ocean Drive
March 23, 2018
“ It’s an architectural statement. A house designed to blend with the surrounding, the vegetation, and the water.”
January 14, 2018
“ Colombo and Morabito buy Bay Harbor Islands development site P3 Investments sells after historic designation overturned.”
Multi Hosting News
November 29, 2017
“ Morabito Properties is an Italian boutique development firm specializing in high-end residential properties.”
We the italians
November 26, 2017
“ Developers Ugo Colombo and Valerio Morabito just bought the Bay Harbor Continental site for $20.5 million”
The Real Deal
November 22, 2017
“ Colombo and Morabito have worked together on several projects, including the 10 story condo Beach House 8 in Miami Beach.”
Ocean Drive
March 01, 2014
“ Developers are realizing how important the outside living spaces are, especially in Miami, so terraces are getting bigger.”
New York Post
February 26, 2014
“ It was a work of love,” he says. “I like building everything from scratch”
New York Post
February 25, 2014
“ When he sees a great opportunity, he gets his four main investors on a conference call.”
January 17, 2014
“ [Valerio Morabito] lived in the house for several months after finishing construction on it because it was too beautiful to get rid of it right away.”
The Wall Street Journal
January 17, 2014
“ Deluxe living, with fewer neighbors.”
Haute Living
October 01, 2013
“ I fell in love with Miami the first time I came here at age 18.”
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